Small wind turbines with high effectivness and big yield

What is Zenia 30?
The ZA30 is an upwind type, with 3 blades, gearbox and an asynchronous generator, which is based on the same technology and methodology that used in MW turbines, such as Siemens and Vestas.

For whom is Zenia 30 developed?
Zenia 30 is a product to provide you a maximum independence from the power grid at competitive effort. Mainly focused on self-sufficient costumers Zenia 30 provides also interesting business solutions if combined with multiple power sources and storages through its inverter.

​What makes Zenia 30 special?
Zenia 30’s design enables a big yield and shrinks logistics to a minimum. In Denmark, where Zenia’s history begins, an annual yield of up to 100.000 kWh is calculated for perfect coastal spots. Transport and turbine erection are simple. All components suit into a 20ft container and due to a hydraulic tower foot, a crane is not required for erection. After that it is plug’n’play.

Where is Zenia 30 produced?
The production of the ZA30 wind turbine is located in Rostock, Germany.

How can I make a Zenia 30 project feasible?
Zenia Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG offers you not only a wind turbine but anything else you need. That can be logistics, permission management as well as aftersales services and maintenance during operation. As our philosophy is to strengthen your independence, we enable your team of electricians to run and maintain the Zenia 30.


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